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The Change Guidebook reaches bestseller rankings

Hi Best Ever You Community!

I'm very honored to share that The Change Guidebook reached the bestseller rankings today on Barnes and Noble! Wow! It's more proof that when you work really hard and have the love and support around you, anything is possible.

The Change Guidebook is being released on March 8, 2022 and continues to be in pre-order mode at this time.

In other news, I was in Boston last week for three days narrating and recording the audiobook version.

What an experience, growth moment, and just total blast! I had the honor of working with Tantor Audio to record the book, as well as Adam Weiss of Mix One Studios in Boston.

Today, I taped an hour long interview with Diane Ray of Unity Online Radio about the book. The interview will air March 9, 2022.

Again, just a quick update and note to say thank you so much for all you are doing to help make the book a success!

My Best,


About The Change Guidebook

If you are seeking change and want to align with your highest purpose, the power is in your hands!

Many of us know we need a change, an overhaul of the way we “do” life. We feel the need to move forward but we aren’t sure where to place our feet to take those first steps. There are countless manuals for bettering our lives, but we crave something that will truly help us to change for the better once and for all.

The Change Guidebook ends the search for self-help that works, serving as a life-long companion guide and resource to compliment your life. It offers ten points for making a change or adapting to unforeseen circumstances and allows you to become a change master by using the provided solutions to change, grow, and become your bravest and boldest self. These points are a process that you can engage in and turn to in times of need, crisis, or to alter your life's course.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, the founder of The Best Ever You Network, has created a framework for crafting a new way to move through the world and inhabit our lives. By using the tools provided within this book, you will experience the joy of living life as someone firmly grounded in values, anchored by a consistent moment-to-moment practice of gratitude.

These principles have been widely used to achieve goals from changing careers to weight loss, becoming a college athlete, and more, and have been proven to change many lives. The Change Guidebook is for anyone who is seeking change and wants to align to their highest purpose. Learn how to unlock the light within. Change is possible and the power is in your hands.

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