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Tips for Smart Snacking this Summer

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Snacking is a big part of people's daily activities. In fact, researchers in the journal Advances in Nutrition report that snacking contributes to one-third of our daily energy intake, with most of those snacks being of poor quality. When we hit the road for summer traveling, most of us tend to eat even more snacks and pay little attention to the quality of our food. The good news is that choosing healthy, organic, good for you snacks on the go is more accessible than one may think.

"There are some great smart snacking options that people can take along with them on family trips," explains Dr. Amir Marashi, co-founder of Ntidote, a plant-based sprouted nuts and healthy snack company. "By opting for healthier foods, people will feel more satisfied and have more energy to enjoy their trip."

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that adults tend to eat poorly when they are away from home. They say food away from home is associated with poor diet quality, regardless of which meal or snack you eat during the day. When people eat food away from home, they often eat fewer fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. However, it doesn't have to be that way, just knowing what healthy brands to grab for a snack people can return from their vacation feeling good from having eaten healthier foods.

Here are tips for smart snacking on the go this summer:

  • Opt for having some superfoods around that are easily accessible, such as sprouted nuts. Ntidote Life, for example, offers a line of healthy sprouted nuts, including original flavors like pizza-flavored almonds or salt and vinegar almonds, exotic trail mixes, and dark chocolate-covered raw cashews. The nuts are all sprouted, which retains their high nutrient value, and all Ntidote products are organic, plant-based and nutrient dense.

  • Pack some fruits that are easy to eat on the go, including bananas, tangerines, and apples. Dried fruit, including dried plums, mixed bags of dried fruit, and dates, are also a good option. They will fulfill the desire for something sweet but come filled with fiber and other nutrients.

  • Nut butter is another easy and quick source of nutrition for those who don't have allergies. It can be quickly paired with whole-grain bread, crackers, or celery. Other dips to consider are individual cups of hummus, which can be used to dip cut-up vegetables or crackers.

  • Consider making something homemade if timing permits, such as mini-muffins or a container of cheese, crackers, and deli slices. These items will help keep people full and give them the nutrients they need to get through the day.

  • Keep protein drinks in mind when on the go for a great way to give your body protein. Try Ntidote’s Powerhouse protein powder, which comes in three flavors: Cacao, Strawberry, and Cinnamon Bun, packed with high quality, organic ingredients such as pea protein, brown rice protein powder, beet root powder, and monk fruit.

"One of our missions with the line of healthy snacks and protein powders we created is to help give people nutrient-dense food that they can eat on the go," added co-founder celebrity chef Matthew Kenney. "We are on a mission to change how people snack, which will positively impact their lives."

Ntidote offers a uniquely flavorful physician-formulated collection of functional vegan snacks, nut butters, and supplement powders engineered to make healthy snacking simple and delicious. Ntidote uses sprouted nuts which are raw nuts that have been soaked in water to germinate and begin to sprout. They are healthier, helping the body to destroy toxins and increase nutrient absorption. They also improve the bioactive compounds, making the food easier to digest and more nutritious than the nuts that most grocery stores carry, which are roasted and less nutrient dense. The Ntidote line, which avoids harmful ingredients, includes salt and vinegar almonds or trail mix, dark chocolate-covered almonds or cashews, and pizza-flavored almonds made from organic sprouted nuts. They also offer nut butters and nutritional supplement powders. To shop your summer healthy snacks visit the site at:


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