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Top Ten Easy Tips for Better Nutrition

Instagram, Tik-Tok influencer and best-selling author Beth Linder-Moss has ten easy ways to jump start healthier eating, complete with the best timing, places to adopt new habits, plus where and how to cook.

  1. Go Slowly, do not make all changes at once. Trying to make a lot of changes about eating all at once or in a short period of time is almost certainly going to fail. As we have all spent literally our entire lifetimes learning to eat a certain way, it stands to reason that permanent changes will take longer to make. So be patient and give yourself a break.

  2. Substitute, eat healthier versions of things you like. According to Beth there are usually healthier version of things we like to eat available. For example. instead of white rice, try brown rice. Or sweet potatoes instead of white, wheat pasta instead of traditional. This method can be part of the slower pace of change she also recommends.

  3. Drink more water. Not iced tea, or soda or sports drinks. Water. “Tea has caffeine and is a diuretic,” she told her audience. “You can have tea or coffee, but they cannot count as part of your water intake.” Most other beverages have sugar, caffeine, or artificial coloring. Avoid these by drinking water.

  4. Connect with your hunger? Beth advises that we ask ourselves if we have an appetite or we are eating just because something is there? As a test, drink a big glass of water. “You might be thirsty,” she said. But if you are still hungry after a glass of water, eat knowing that you truly are hungry.”

  5. Eat quality calories ... pick your foods wisely. “Instead of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, put peanut butter on an apple,” Beth suggested.

  6. Cook your own foods as much as possible. There is an element of control when cooking at home Beth says. “You know what you are putting in to cook and mindful of how much oil or salt or other ingredients you are using,” She stated. “When eating out, it is not possible to know the amount or types of things the chef used.” These are just some of the reasons why home cooked food is so much better than takeout or eating out. Plus, it is less expensive.

  7. Balance your meals ... protein, carbs, and fats. According to Beth a balanced meal has protein, carbs, and fats. Protein is beef, chicken, fish, or eggs. Carbs are from things like sweet potatoes. She wants us to eat healthy fats. “Fat from the avocado is healthy for us.” Healthy fats also come from coconuts, sunflower or sesame seeds, cold water fish like salmon or even dark chocolate.

  8. Where do you eat? At times when eating in the car or in front of the TV, consumption is just mindless. “You can be shoveling popcorn into your mouth get to the bottom of the bowl and still not be satisfied,” she said. Rather than absent minded consumption, be aware of what and where you are eating. No shoveling.

  9. Do not be hard on yourself, this a journey. We often judge ourselves harshly when trying to change habits and fall short of perfection. Setting an impossibly high standard is not only unrealistic but can cause people to get discouraged and quit. “We are not perfect and will have lapses,” Beth said. “Forgive yourself and keep going.”

  10. Make your food tasty with seasoning. Eating healthy does not mean that our food must be bland. “Use seasoning to make food tastier,” Beth said. The addition of the right seasoning can make that broccoli bolder, salad more savory and rice cakes less terrible.

About Beth Linder-Moss

Beth Linder-Moss got interested in health and fitness at the age of 16 after her father had his first heart attack. After this devastating event, she and the other members of her family changed their eating and exercise habits for the better.

Today she is a much sought-after speaker, press interview and teacher. Her latest book is Think Healthy Be Healthy and is available where books are sold. Her website is


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