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Turn Up the Heat! How to Activate Your Personal Relationship Direction with Feng Shui

By Marie Diamond

Let’s face it, it can be hard sometimes to make passion a priority in your day-to-day life. 

This may seem unthinkable at the start of a relationship whilst you’re in that all-consuming, can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other stage. As time goes on, this is naturally replaced with something calmer and less intense (good thing too, otherwise we’d never get any work done!). But that doesn’t mean passion no longer has a part to play. In fact, maintaining passion becomes more important the longer you’re in a relationship. Even the most loved-up of couples can turn into roommates when the effort to keep that “spark” alive is lost. 

If this is something you find yourself relating to, why not ask the Universe for some help? In Diamond Feng Shui, you have a Personal Direction in your home specifically for your relationship. You can activate this direction to send a message straight to the Universe, letting it know what it is you want. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll rediscover that “spark” quicker than you can say “chocolate-covered strawberries!”

For the first step, you’ll need to find your Personal Energy Number. This is a number from one to nine and is based on your date of birth and the gender you were assigned at birth. To find it, head to or scan the QR code below to download the free Marie Diamond app: 


The app will tell you your Personal Energy Number, your archetype, and your four Personal Directions according to Diamond Feng Shui. In this case, we’ll be focusing on the Relationship Direction.   

Once you have your Relationship Direction, it’s time for a little boudoir makeover! Since your romantic energy is most concentrated in the bedroom, that’s where you should be focusing. Using the Diamond Compass on the app, find the direction, and clear a little space there. Here’s a list of objects you should place in this area in order to activate it for passion:

  • Artwork and images that represent passion. This can be paintings of couples dancing together, embracing, feeding each other food – whatever resonates most with you.

  • Your wedding photo or any photo of you and your partner looking particularly loved-up, displayed in a cherry-red photo frame.

  • Fire elements, such as candles, triangular objects, or battery-operated LED lights. In Feng Shui, fire elements help to promote passion, warmth, and a feeling of activeness.

  • In Diamond Feng Shui, the color cherry red represents passion, so add splashes of this color to the area in the form of candles, throw pillows and other soft furnishings.

  • Rose quartz is the crystal best associated with love, so have a chunk of it sitting out in this area. Better yet, see if you can find a rose quartz in the shape of a heart.

  • Display items in pairs (such as two candles together) since this will promote harmony and balance within your relationship. 

  • Avoid displaying anything here that represents the water element since this can literally put a dampener on your passion! This includes things like water features, fishbowls, and photos or images of lakes, rivers, or waterfalls. Similarly, avoid displaying any images or artwork in this area that represents solitude, loneliness, or unhappiness. That sad clown painting may be a prized family heirloom, but it won’t do your relationship any favors if you hang it here!

  • Remove any items from that area that have associations with previous relationships. This can include any gifts given to you by an ex, any photos taken by an ex or during any trips you may have taken together, or anything you bought together. This isn’t to say you have to dispose of them altogether but save it for a more communal area such as the living room instead.

  • Remove anything from this area relating to work (this includes work laptops), any sort of clutter, and anything that you don’t consider to represent romance or passion. Do not under any circumstances place a bin or wastebasket here.

Your Goals for Passion

Now, while you’re activating your Relationship Direction, it’s helpful to reflect on what passion means to you. Passion can take many different forms and can look vastly different from relationship to relationship. Bottom line? It’s not always just about the birds and the bees! Physical intimacy exists on a very wide spectrum, and sex might not always be the end goal for you. Whether it’s through physical intimacy, maintaining a deep spiritual connection, or simply taking the time to reconnect with each other without any interruptions, passion can manifest in many different ways. 

Talk to your partner and listen to each other’s outlook on passion. Open communication is key  in any aspect of a relationship! Together, write down your goals on how you will both help maintain the passion in your relationship. 

Once you’ve finished, put the list in a cherry-red envelope and place it in your Relationship Direction. Enjoy as you watch the sparks fly!

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