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A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies

Food allergies affect as many as 32 million Americans, including 6 million children.

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With a long history as an advocate for those with food allergies, and especially children, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, contacted author/illustrator Sally Huss to see if she would consider doing a children’s book on the subject. The two were initally connected by a mutual connection, Joe Sperle. After researching the subject and understanding the need, Sally jumped in. Elizabeth provided the guidelines and offered significant points needed in such a book.

"When I was contacted by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino to consider doing a book for children on food allergies, I was totally ignorant of this disability and its emotional consequences, said Huss. She added, "Once I became informed, I could certainly understand the need for a special book on the subject. I created this, aiming to inform those children who do not have the condition, as well as to encourage a positive attitude in those kids who do. I am delighted at the result and hopefully this book will enlighten many kids, their parents, teachers and caregivers."

After the text was written, the two honed the details and the book was created. Elizabeth added her special expertise in the area of promotion by providing outstanding endorsements for the book.

"This may be the most important books that I’ve written. It will certainly educate kids who are unaware of food allergies and encourage them to be especially kind to kids with it. It will also inspire those kids who do have this condition to value themselves for the discipline that they must have in regards to food choices. Everyone learns something important with this book, said Huss."

The book is being well-received in the food allergy community.

“A Lesson for Every Child is well-written and engaging for children and families to learn more about the seriousness of food allergy and anaphylaxis and how to safely manage, said FAACT CEO and Founder, Eleanor Garrow-Holding,” “I love the illustrations, which make it fun to read and learn; they are so delightful and upbeat. FAACT is honored to have Elizabeth as a spokesperson and to be included in such a wonderful education resource for families.”

Lianne Mandelbaum, Founder of No Nut Traveler, said, ” This book is provides a simple road map as to how a teacher should explain what having a food allergy means in a way that stimulates both kindness empathy. This is a must read for parents, teachers and children alike.”

Hamilton-Guarino has life-threatening food allergies herself for over 24 years to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. She is an author with Hay House of the book PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through and details much of her life with these allergies, including a near-death reaction she had while 6 months pregnant with their son Cam.

“I’m very honored to collaborate with Sally Huss on this very important book about food allergies. I hope our messages help children and families in our food allergy community thrive," Guarino continued, “Sally Huss has done an outstanding job using her gifts and talents for others’ well-being and has been a joy to work with. She has written so many amazing books and I’m honored this is part of all she does.”

Elizabeth co-founded Food Allergy Zone with food allergy advocate Brian Hom. Brian Hom’s ,18-year-old son, BJ Hom, died on a family vacation in 2008 after eating a dessert that contained traces of peanuts. The family was visiting a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, to celebrate BJ’s 18th birthday and his graduation from high school. BJ did not have an epinephrine auto-injector with him because his doctors thought his symptoms would always be mild that they never prescribed auto-injectable epinephrine.

Hom said, ” The book will educate children and adults in a simple positive non-threatening way the affects of food allergies and how children can be supportive and empathetic to those with food allergies.”

Hamilton-Guarino has been a spokesperson for MedicAlert Foundation since 2006 and appeared on their magazine cover, which was mailed to more than one million members.

“This book is perfect for parents and children, alike. The book captures the importance of living positively with food allergies, how to safely manage an allergy as a young child and the significance of inclusion. We’re honored that MedicAlert has been included as part of a food allergy safety plan. Elizabeth and Sally have written a book that’s engaging and fun to read. “ – MedicAlert Foundation*.  (*There was no financial remuneration to be mentioned or featured in this book nor in our endorsement. )

About the Book

Learning was everything to Mrs. Emerson. So when a new student was brought into her classroom, Mrs. Emerson was delighted because she learned that this young man knew something that everyone needed to know. She said that Jack was just like everyone else, except for one thing – he had food allergies. “Would you like to explain that to us, Jack?”

A bit hesitant, Jack began telling his classmates what it was like to have food allergies, what the dangers were, and what he had to do to protect himself, or even save himself if he had an allergic reaction. The students listened attentively and then applauded him when their teacher praised his courage. “Jack has faced a difficult situation and handled it. He is an example of someone who has tremendous self-discipline. Anyone who has that can do anything!”

Jack left school that day with a new spring in his step and a classroom full of new friends.

A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies was released on 3/12/2020 and quickly went to best-seller status on Amazon. This book is endorsed by Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), MedicAlert® Foundation, Elijah Alavi Foundation, The Love for Giovanni Foundation, No Nut Traveler, and Food Allergy Zone.

To order your copy:

About Sally Huss

Sally Huss has been an artist and writer all of her life. She attended Occidental College for three years before graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Fine Art. At the same time Sally was developing her artistic skills, she was developing her tennis skills, becoming a Wimbledon and US National Junior Champion, and eventually a Wimbledon semi-finalist in the Women’s Division in both singles and doubles.

It was on a tennis court in Beverly Hills that Sally met her match – Marv Huss. The two were married in Aspen, Colorado in 1976. Marv, a fine tennis player himself, had been the Director of National Advertising and Promotion for Hallmark Cards, and had created the original Hallmark card shops. The two combined their talents in business, tennis and art by first developing The Aspen Club, a luxury health spa and tennis club with eleven outdoor courts, two indoor courts, sixteen racquetball courts, two squash courts, a restaurant, bar, twelve spectacular condominiums, and 1,500 members. Sally became the first woman head tennis professional there and played a “Battle of the Sexes” against the infamous Bobby Riggs to promote the club’s opening.

Sally has written over 80 books with another 45 variations (multicultural and Spanish versions.) All may be found through her website and on Amazon. All of the books focus on social/emotional issues and are designed to uplift the lives of children everywhere. Presently Sally and Marv live in Colorado Springs. Visit:

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth is one of America's foremost personal and corporate personal development consultants, as well as, the CEO of Compliance4 and the CEO and Founder of Best Ever You. Additionally, Elizabeth is the best-selling author of PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House Publishing) and The Pinky Doodle Bug series (Waldorf Publishing).

For over 20 years, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino has been an advocate for food allergy awareness and is a spokesperson for the MedicAlert Foundation and FAACT (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team) and is the co-founder of Food Allergy Zone with Brian Hom. Living with life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish for over 24 years, Elizabeth knows the risks and challenges of this condition personally and the need for greater awareness of food allergies worldwide.

Elizabeth is an honors graduate of St. Ambrose University and currently attends Harvard Business School for Leadership. Visit


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