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Emotional Detox Now - Worldwide Summit

Hello Best Ever You Network!

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Sherianna Boyle, would like to invite you to the Emotional Detox Now Worldwide Summit! Register here:

Do you feel drained by what is happening in the world?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and confused?

Do you wish you could find a way to release all the emotional reactivity inside and out?

Could you benefit from a big dose of self-love and compassion this Valentine’s Day?

Do you thrive off connection, purpose and meaning?

Would you like a FREE opportunity to reboot your emotional energy?

If so, my author friend, Sherianna Boyle has invited me to join her and 40+ experts, healers, thought leaders in the world, for an online virtual event.

The Emotional Detox Now Worldwide Summit.

What makes this summit special is not just the amazing tools, strategies, and insights

you will receive (mine included) but also the intention it is based on:

To get this world feeling again!

The Five-Day Virtual Event is FREE.

It begins on Monday, Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day)

Don’t miss this opportunity to treat yourself with some self-love and compassion.


· Best practices, tools, and strategies for caring for your emotions

· How to communicate with others from a place of love and ease.

· Ways to support the emotions of others (without draining yourself)

· Practical techniques to boost your energy

· The secrets to abundance and positive change

· An incredible, downloadable resource guide with lots of freebies

· Open your heart with inspirational stories and heart felt messages

Join us for this FREE, 5-day experience reclaim emotional balance, wellness, self-love and freedom.

The promise of this event is to become part of something greater, to transform your fears into healing, self-compassion, positive changes, and freedom.

P.S. All participants get access to 20+ FREE gifts and discounts. Share this with someone you love.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Sherianna Boyle


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