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Event - Children's Book Launch - Pinky Doodle Bug

Please join us for our Pinky Doodle Bug Book Launch Event on Facebook!

Please Join Our Book Launch Event!

October 15-19, 2020 on Facebook Events

Please join authors Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Kris Fuller for the launch of our new children's book Pinky Doodle Bug! This is an online event!

Best-selling children's book by Maine author Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Pinky Doodle Bug

Author Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino helps people of all ages by encouraging them to “Let Your Dreams Fly!” Wanting to inspire children, she created Pinky Doodle to show how following your heart, collaborating with friends, and believing in yourself matters.  As a mom of four, she feels strongly that by utilizing engaging stories, children can be encouraged to “Be Their Best” and do amazing things with their lives. At a time when it’s more important than ever before for books to inspire children, Guarino was driven to start a movement to create more books with purposeful messaging and thus the children’s book series, Pinky Doodle Bug was born.

Maine children's book author Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

The first book in the series, features Pinky Doodle Bug, a character who doodles without much purpose, until her friends come along. With the help of her forest friends, her doodles come to life. With displays of kindness, compassion, collaboration and gratitude as valuable takeaways, Pinky Doodle Bug is destined to be a perennial favorite amongst parents and teachers for teachable moments for children primarily ages PRE-K and up.  It makes a great family read aloud too. Early reviews say: “As an educator for 39 years, I highly recommend Pinky Doodle Bug as a great addition to every educational setting. It explores what creativity children may have and encourages children to explore their individual talents in a welcoming and supportive ways.” 

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