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The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually-Connected and Purpose-Filled Life

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

These energetic keys will give you simple, easy, and quick access points to opening the gates to the inner reservoir of your strength, resilience, love, and harmony.

Why are the 6 simple keys so important? The rapidly changing culture of our times is pushing us into deeper states of anxiety and depression. More than ever you need to know how to reconnect with the home base within you, the place where you feel secure, steady, resilient, wise and calm. How you will heal is by reconnecting to your heart’s values and virtues as a spiritual being. To attain these goals you need calm. You need this home base, the central pillar, which is the psychological core of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to effectively manage today’s level of stress. You need a resting place of wholeness within you when everything around you is fractured.

I created The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled life as an easy method for you to lead a joyful and happy life, no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Here are the basic outlines for each key. Please visit to view the entire video series, experience the meditations, and dig deeper into each key.

Key 1 - The Silent Watcher

Your first key is what I call “the Silent Watcher.” The Silent Watcher is the observer, the place of higher consciousness within you. The Silent Watcher is always watching and observing your thoughts, feelings, and actions from a non-judgmental, neutral place. The Silent Watcher doesn’t give direction, it simply watches. Think about how you go about your day and how often you have a judgmental thought about yourself or another person or an unpleasant experience. Imagine what would happen if you had a place within yourself from which you could observe with greater non-attachment—from a perspective where you can access a wisdom that is beyond your opinions, judgements, and beliefs within a particular moment. With the Silent Watcher it is possible for you to open to new experiences and understandings that will bring you peace, forgiveness, and inner harmony.

This is why the Silent Watcher is your first key. It is the neutral place for you to create from, free from the patterns and old belief systems that have created obstacles and hinderances to creating the life you want. From the neutral place of the Silent Watcher you are free to create your life,

your purpose, your heart’s desire. You get to choose your reactions and your decisions based on a deeper awareness of wisdom.

Key 2 - Finding Your Core Value

What is core value? Your core value is the virtue that you live your life by. It is the energy, the principle, the ideal that you build your life around. Your core value is your home base, the central pillar where you go to ground yourself, come back to center, and clarify your sense of well-being. Examples of core value are love, truth, justice, compassion, loving kindness, inner strength, and creating beauty. These are just a few. Whatever your core value is, that is the divine purpose of your soul’s calling.

Many people have lost connection with their core value, finding themselves unhappy in work, relationships, purpose, and with life. Reconnect to your core value and you will be infused with an enormous presence of energy, a life force that will breathe new life into your ability to clear away obstacles, hindrances, and fears. Your core value is the rocket fuel for creating and building the life you desire. Your core value is the foundation of your soul’s purpose. It is the messenger of wisdom, intuition, guidance, forbearance, resilience, health, and love. When you are consciously connected to your core value, you are automatically connected to the Divine Source, the power house of transformative and healing energy.

Key 3 — Living in the Present Moment

What does it mean to live in the present moment? Living in the present moment is when you're fully focused, engaged, connected, and present with the person that you're in conversation with, the place you’re at, whatever is right in front of you. You are right here, right now, with 100 percent of yourself.

When you're living in the present moment, you are aware of your Silent Watcher. Your Silent Watcher is fully engaged. You're in a neutral place observing whatever your thoughts and feelings are without judgement. When you're in the present moment you are fully experiencing life from your core value so that you are connecting, in truth, with the person, place, or thing that you're with.

When your thoughts wander (because they will) into the future, your laundry list, what calamity could be around the corner, the email you forgot to answer or that guy that cut you off on the freeway yesterday, Key #3 is to bring your mind back to your core value, observing from the Silent Watcher. This will automatically enable you to re-engage the present moment. It’s that’s simple.

Live in the present moment! It’s fun! It's bliss! It’s where the joy juice is. Living in the present moment is a gem—like a delicious meal—like dessert all at once.

Key 4 - Integrity, Love, and Right Action

Integrity is when you are in alignment with your core value. The Silent Watcher is your guide for staying in integrity with yourself and your world. Live in the present moment and Key #4—integrity, love, and right action—becomes an effortless wisdom.

Love is an energetic frequency I call Radiance. You have a unique Radiance that emanates from your soul. Become aware that when you are rooted in your core value, this state of love (your Radiance) guides you in choosing the right course, the correct decision needed for any situation. This is right action.

Taking right action in any given situation creates truth, connection, purpose, and healing. Right Action means hitting the mark. It is shooting your arrow of intention and purpose and hitting the bullseye. Right Action gives you the power to manifest.

Here's a little personal story of how the first 4 keys recently changed my day.

I was supposed to be at a meeting at five in the morning and then catch a plane right afterwards. At a quarter to five the meeting was cancelled. Having gotten up so early for the meeting, I was really upset and grumpy driving to the airport later with my husband. Finally, I realized what I was doing and said, “Let's use the keys to change our bad mood.”

We both activated the Silent Watcher, and I started observing my feelings. I’m angry and tired and I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten. I simply observed these thoughts with no judgment. Then I activated my core value, which is to love no matter what. Immediately I started loving my anger, resentment, and hunger. And those feelings just vanished. It was magic!

At the airport I continued practicing loving no matter what, deep in the integrity of my true self, and I started to feel this profound love for everyone and everything around me. Following a prompting from an inner voice, I started reaching out to touch and greet people as if they were long-lost friends. And everybody started lighting up! I started feeling all this love coming back to me. People were saying, “How are you?” and starting conversations—even the security guards, the people at TSA. When I stopped putting my hand out and stopped going up to people, everybody started coming up to me saying things like, “I like your dress. Those are great shoes. How are you?” Because I was fully present, suddenly everybody started “seeing” me.

It was so simple and so easy. Truthfully, it blew the socks off my husband and me. We said, “Wow! This is magic. These are powerful keys. If everyone did this, think of the world we could create together.”

Key 5 - Living in Service

Service is any act of goodness, kindness, compassion, or understanding that comes from your core value. Service is when you are taking right action from the integrity of your unique

Radiance. When love and the Silent Watcher are activated from the central pillar of who you are, all right action becomes a service of love, wisdom, and truth.

Look for ways to give service in your community, with friends, or strangers. When you give of yourself, when you share your Radiance through action, you free yourself from the limitations and constraints of your ego mind. This is living in the present moment.

Key 6 - Living in Bliss

Bliss is an experience of being fully connected with a greater reality of life. Bliss is a subtle energy field of joy where the subtitle is, “I accept! Everything is perfect just the way it is!” Bliss is the internal experience of, “I have the strength and the keys to persevere through the challenges I meet with grace, forbearance, and calm.”

Your body, mind, and spirit already know how to access the nurturing qualities of pleasure, the healing and regenerative properties of your soul’s light, and the soothing, calming waves of divine bliss.

Bliss occurs whenever we have a moment of true connection with love. Be it with a partner, a friend, child, a tree, a dog, or a magnificent work of art. From the Silent Watcher, begin to take notice of how many times a day you have a moment of bliss, but then are immediately pulled out of it. Take a small pad and a pen and write down how many moments of bliss you have in a day, in a week, and you will be surprised.

Here is a simple activation to ignite your inner bliss.

1. Close your eyes and gently watch the inhale and exhale of your breath from your Silent Watcher.

2. Imagine in your belly a golden orb of light, like the sun. In the center of this orb is inscribed your core value.

3. Imagine this light, which is love, expanding to fill all your organs, your shoulders, knees, down to your feet, out your hands, up into your head, expanding around you until you are inside an envelope of golden white light.

4. Repeat this mantra: I am bliss. I am golden light. I am (say your core value) of love. I deserve bliss. I fully receive this presence of bliss. I am whole and in unity with all of creation.

Life is like a rainbow. There are many colors and many experiences. Each experience is an opportunity for you to uncover the hidden treasures of your own innate wisdom. These 6 Simple Keys are a distillation from the ancient mystical traditions in an easy-to-use format for our modern sensibility. No matter what hardships, stress, or anxiety you’re dealing with, these keys will give you the foundation necessary to soar above the everyday traps of despair and dissolution.

Play with these keys. Have fun and enjoy the ride of this truly remarkable, incredible human experience. Life!

Modern day mystic and spiritual teacher Deirdre Hade is a mystic, motivational speaker, author, and spiritual teacher to some of the world’s most respected spiritual teachers, including Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff (Her celebrity clientele include world renowned fashion icon and humanitarian Donna Karan).



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