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The Fearless Timekeeper Ten

Updated: Apr 25

It is baffling how quickly time passes. In a blink of a 10-year eye, this (taken 11-11-01)

is now this.

and this.

is now, unfortunately this., where my dad, pictured above, has been duking it out for his life for nearly a month in ICU and the 5th floor of Fairview Ridges Burnsville for a medical error that ten years ago he could have never predicted or even wished for.

Our kids are now 16-14-12-10. wow.

Dear Timekeeper - Where are my babies from ten years ago and what in the world did you do with my dad? My mom is doing an excellent job hiding from you, by the way. But my dog is even getting gray. But we all know..... Time Keeper... you are keeping time. The 10 gray hairs my hairdresser found are proof as is my acupuncture facial segment on Fox the other morning.... Time might be more precious than water and in keeping time, before you know it, time has flown by. Careful, for you might be in the "I should have" spot. Even those old watches in your jewelry box are still really keeping time, despite the dead batteries you ignore on each and pretend and wish the time really stopped. It didn't. So, In flies...."Today I Will!" (there was some music that just played in superhero form. I can also issue capes if really needed.) You have probably heard this before. If you want to make lasting change in behavior, write it down. I love self-contracts, for example, or even having a conversation with someone else about your goals. Something happens when we take an extra moment to write out what we want to attend to and something happens when we start to vocalize and consistently incorporate the "I will's" Just writing out or even saying "Today I Will... " and making a point to check the list at noon and 4:00 can make a tremendous difference. It's one thing to choose a change, but we know that reinforcing it as many times in our thoughts is essential. Today, take a bit of extra time to say what you will do today, then, when you accomplish it, delete it and give yourself a silent pat on the back. The more difficult something is the more important that extra reinforcement becomes. Remember the words, "Today I will...." or before you know it, "I should have" will be and ten years will have passed. Live. Dream. Imagine. Learn. Connect. Be Fearless. All My Best, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino About Elizabeth: Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of The Best Ever You Network. She really loves living life to her absolute best and fullest she can. The "In Time" watch on her arm doesn't have infinite amounts of purchased time and neither does yours. It was a movie. Cool idea too. 25 forever. xxoo ps- I am seriously the typo queen. If you find a typo in this, just let me know. I go this alone, as our editor "Liz" is out today stopping as many clocks as she can. Funny how that doesn't stop time.


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