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Women in Retail's Top 50 Tips of 2022

Hello Best Ever You Community!

Women in Retail recently released the Top 50 Tips of 2022 report, comprised of the top 50 tips that have been featured throughout the year in Women in Retail's e-newsletter and website.

I'm proud to share that I have been included in the report! I think this publication has some very valuable advice and is worth the read, regardless of your industry.

As leaders in this constantly evolving retail industry, you’re facing difficult challenges and high expectations daily. And as women leaders, we know those difficulties can be paramount.

Women in Retail Leadership Circle’s (WIRLC) newest report, Top 50 Tips of 2022, is a comprehensive collection of the best tips that appeared on the Women in Retail Leadership Circle website this year. These tips offer valuable insight that you can implement immediately, and cover everything from how to attract the right talent to best practices for negotiation to how to digitize the supply chain. The tips come from a wide variety of women, including career coaches, retail leaders, industry analysts, among others. We focus broadly on four key content pillars for WIRLC: executive leadership; professional development; business strategy; and entrepreneurship.

Download this special report to begin incorporating some of these tips into your business and life to inspire and empower yourself as we move into a new year.

About Women in Retail

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) came about after co-founders Jennifer DiPasquale and Melissa Campanelli spent a lot of time conversing with women retail leaders in the industry. They regularly heard stories that while there are a lot of women working in the retail space, the number of women in the C-suite is actually dwindling. Before launching WIRLC, however, we tested the idea with our first annual Women in Retail Leadership Summit, which launched in the spring of 2014. The event was a smashing, sold-out success. Following the incredible inaugural Summit, we decided to move ahead with the idea, and thus, WIRLC was born.


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