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YOU Magazine featuring Kara Young

Hello Best Ever You Community!

Happy You Year!

Please enjoy this issue of YOU Magazine featuring Kara Young. YOU Magazine is available as a FREE download for a limited time. You can also purchase a printed copy that will ship directly to you. FREE Download

From the Founder

It’s a perfect time to be YOU! Let’s celebrate YOU! Let’s start the year with a theme for the year. I’d like to encourage you to select a word to guide you through the year. A guiding word, such as Peace, Gratitude, Abundance, or Happiness, for example, and set your course with that word in mind to Dream Big!

Whether you need to redesign, realign, course correct, change your story, make a minor adjustment or completely overhaul your energy, Best Ever You can help you reveal and connect with your uniquely, amazing self.

From finding your true purpose to sharpening those skills that are uniquely yours, our goal here at Best Ever You is to guide you to sustained happiness and fulfillment.

We hope you'll join us for our New Year, Best You – Dream Big! Conference January 5-8, 2023. If you missed the conference, you can join us for free replays.

I hope you enjoy this issue of YOU Magazine. It’s from our hearts to yours. I am very grateful to Wayne Scot Lukas, Jennifer Vaughn, Lindsey Mach and Jason Ingente and all contributors for their guidance and expertise to help our magazine be the best it can be.

This month’s magazine features super model, philanthropist and cool mom, Kara Young Georgiopoulos. Kara is recognized as one of the first mixed-race Supermodels to become a household name as she graced the covers of Vogue, Bazaar and more. Kara reminds us that no matter our past, we can all create our best selves for wonderful future. Kara has been the chair of a number charities that give back.

Thank you Kara, her team, including her son, photographer Nick Dorazio, her stylist Wayne Scot Lukas and her makeup artist Marc Cornwall for guiding us to be our best by showing your grace and expertise within our pages and in life.


Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


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