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Best Ever You - New Children's Book

Sally Huss and I are very proud to announce our third children's book has been released! Please check it out! We appreciate all of your support, reviews and sharing. Best Ever You, our new children's book, is available in both eBook and paperback formats at this time.

Best Ever You

Trevor had a desire to be the best that anybody could be. This was a huge goal, for sure! That’s when an owl flew in to suggest that he merely be “the best ever you.” There followed a series of visits with other animals to see what qualities they had that Trevor might develop in himself to become his best. Cooperating and working hard, sharing and being generous, paying attention and staying fit, patience and persistence, as well as expressing kindness and being a good friend were all on the list. Trevor now had his work cut out for him. “I can and I will,” he confessed. “I’ll do nothing less than my very best!”

This story carries a wonderful message and encouragement to children to cultivate their best. Happy images and rhyming text dance across the pages and will delight any child who opens this book.

To purchase your copy: Best Ever You - A Children's Book by Sally Huss and Elizabeth Guarino -

About Sally Huss

Sally Huss is a children's book author and illustrator and a former tennis champion. She lives with her brilliant husband who is forever telling her what her next book should be. She, however, listens to her own heart and writes what she wants; occasionally serving him scrambled eggs and gluten-free toast. She herself prefers a blueberry muffin.

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the author of multiple including the Hay House best-seller, PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through (4/14/14) and The Change Guidebook (Released date 3/2022 by HCI Books). Elizabeth is the CEO and founder of The Best Ever You Network and Compliance4. Elizabeth and her husband Peter R. Guarino live in Maine with their four sons. Visit


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