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Best You Daily Inspiration and Journal Prompt - Keep It Real

Good Morning from Maine! #Gratitude to all!

Today's Best You Daily Inspiration and Journal Prompt is about keeping it real!!

Best You Daily will help guide you and your lifestyle to be the very best they can be. Following a few of my thoughts you'll find a journal prompt closer to the end of this blog. I hope you'll follow with me, as each day, I intend to give us all something to think about and/or write about through Best You Daily. We’re here to talk about your best life in 2017 and beyond. We’re here to learn to make some lasting changes in our lives.

I mentioned yesterday that I am often so in awe of other people. It can be a dangerous space to tread in if not aware to not compare! Let today's thinking just give you gentle reminder that you are your own best blend and uniquely you! There is no other you!

I've been chatting with my husband of nearly 20 years about my new found freedom of sorts. The kids are in college or have jobs of their own. In the case of our last one, who is stuck with us, lol, the mom-bus is about to end with him getting his license soon. I've been up and down and all around chatting with him about my getting a job outside the house, continuing on with Best Ever You, writing another book, or adding another aspect to what I currently do and blending the idea, the aspect and my prior financial services industry life. I'm just keeping it real... I'm in transition mode. It's really a growth mode for me. Life is changing. I am changing and there are some decisions to make. My favorite saying that I say to myself in these moments is, "Have faith to move forward even if you don't know exactly where you are going." Hate to quote myself, but I do walk my talk!

I look online and I see all these folks who are executives or this or that and I wonder. I've been wondering what would happen if I left the house!! LOL!! I know myself well though. It's great for about a month or two. Maybe even three this time and then I'm sick of the grind, commute and all that goes with it. That's just me...

In short, I decided against the outside the house spot and decided to just add to what I am doing to fill a need I see in the compliance and financial services industry. I see more of a need for businesses and financial services firms to evaluate their social media posts, emails, texts for compliance. So I'm starting a small consulting firm called "Compliance4."

I work backwards. This I know about myself. I also design the business to the website and so a lot of what I write and do is as I go and as I design the site. I was up last night until like 3 in the morning working on this. I started with the bio and the who we are/what we do sections. I really felt it needed to explain how I arrived at this spot and decision, but it all be kept extremely real. I am so overly real - I mean, over the years, I've taken phone calls from my walk-in closet when the four boys were smaller. It's so funny and any mom or dad who has worked a day from home, knows exactly what I mean.

So here is the bio:

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry holding regulatory compliance positions at Merrill Corp, Integreon, American Financial Printing and most recently, as a Vice President at Dow Investment Group. A mom of four sons, now ages 16, 18. 20 and 22, for many years Elizabeth was the Chief Financial, Chief Executive and The Compliance Officer at home. These roles lended themselves to working from the pool, so she founded The Best Ever You Network, providing information on investing, personal growth and more. Starting from her walk-in-closet for moments of quiet and conversation, the network is now has a multi-million person following, a syndicated radio show and podcast with over 2.5 million downloads and Elizabeth is a best-selling Hay House author.

Elizabeth is on the Board of Directors for the Student Athlete Community Service Network (“SACSN”) and is a spokesperson for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (“FAAN”).

Elizabeth and her husband Peter R. Guarino, Esq., of Ascendant Compliance, have been married for a long time and feel like compliance is a lot like parenting. They have four young men, a well-fed Labradoodle and 3 rescued cats. Together they believe in gradual improvement and gratitude. They also watch a lot of baseball, swim in the home-office, garden, bake and donate chocolate chip cookies and take a lot of pictures, which wind up on Instagram.


To begin, grab your notebook or your journal.

Write a small biography in 3rd person about yourself. Feel free to share with the group at

What's happening in your life?

What do you dare to change?


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