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Deliberately Unscheduled

Are you deliberately unscheduled?

Having every minute of your time filled is no longer in style. I've been intentionally not filling up my dance card and not scheduling my meetings and podcasts months in advance for over a year now and it has been life-altering.

Whereas I was once booked out for many months, now someone can call me or ask to be on my podcast or request a meeting with me and I can easily say, "Which day this week or next works for you best?"

I think people equate their popularity by how overbooked they are, how long their waiting lists are and more. Comments like "Let me see when I can fit you in my schedule", which are off-putting to the other person's ears and being, are no longer words I dare utter.

People do marathons with their time. I see posts like "I've just completed 20 speaking gigs in the past six weeks." Great for you, but I guarantee you that trying to sustain that pace will take a toll. There is always a cost. Are you willing to pay it?

It's a great time to clear your schedule and focus on what really matters to you most.

As a Master Life Coach, 53 year-old, fellow human, CEO, Mom of four sons ages 22-24-26-28 and so forth, I'd like to suggest this:

1. Take three month increments, such as summer, and decide to do a whole lot less or even nothing in advance with your schedule. Go more day-by-day for a period of time to give yourself some space and time for yourself.

2. Bring back that old concept, "Less is More" and be judicious with your energy and how you place it. As in baseball, "slow the game down" so you can make better decisions and understand how it all connects.

3. Become an observer. Bring in more awareness. Slow your pace with a journal. Write in a journal. Set aside a several month window where your pace is slowed down so much you can observe.

It's time for a change! You don't have to go-go-go 24/7.

Remember, as someone is ticking, another is tocking; as someone is zigging, another is zagging. This is the time to be authentically you. Align you heart, truths and energy to find success in all areas of your life.

What is something that you are going to do in your personal and/or professional life to deliberately unschedule yourself?

Love, Elizabeth

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the author of multiple award-winning books on the topics of change, success, and time management. Her latest, The Change Guidebook won the International Book Award for non-fiction. She founded The Best Ever You Network in 2008 to help people find success in all areas of their life and become their best. Elizabeth lives in Maine with her husband of 25 years, Peter and their four sons, three cats, and two dogs. In the winter, they live in South Carolina.

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