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FREE eBook - To Help Promote Food Allergy Awareness

In March, 2020, authors Sally Huss and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino created a book to help promote food allergy awareness. The children's book, A Lesson For Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies has been on the Amazon best-sellers list since it was released. The book is now available in hardcover, paperback and eBook.

On November 10, 11, and 12, the eBook will be FREE on Amazon.

About A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies

Learning was everything to Mrs. Emerson. So when a new student was brought into her classroom, Mrs. Emerson was delighted because she discovered that this young man knew something that everyone needed to know. She told her class that Jack was just like everyone else, except for one thing – he had food allergies. “Would you like to explain that to us, Jack?” Jack proceeds to educate us all.

This book is endorsed by Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), MedicAlert® Foundation, Elijah Alavi Foundation, The Love for Giovanni Foundation, No Nut Traveler, and Food Allergy Zone.

Teacher Recommended:

"I highly recommend this awesome book that promotes food allergy awareness. I had so many food allergies growing up and my young self would've SO appreciated this book— how it normalizes kids having food allergies, presents important information, and shows how to safely manage them. How great to be able to introduce this to my students now that I'm a teacher!"

About Sally and Elizabeth:

With a long history as an advocate for those with food allergies, and especially children, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino contacted author/illustrator Sally Huss to see if she would consider doing a children’s book on the subject. After researching the subject and understanding the need, Sally jumped in. Elizabeth provided the guidelines and offered significant points needed in such a book. After the text was written, the two honed the details and the book was created. Elizabeth added her special expertise in the area of promotion by providing outstanding endorsements for the book. We would like to thank Joe Sperle for introducing us.


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