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Join Us Today with Authors Sherianna Boyle and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

The New Year, Best You - Dream Big! Summit has added a special session with authors Sherianna Boyle and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino.

The authors will discuss the one word - Manifesting. This event will steam live to Facebook and Linked in beginning at 12pm Eastern on January 8, 2023.

Event Information:

Identify and secure your dreams in 2023!

How to redesign, realign, or completely overhaul your energy to reveal the Best Ever You. From finding your true purpose to sharpening the skills that define your life, let our proven experts guide you back to sustained happiness and fulfillment.

This event is streaming live to Facebook and LinkedIn:

LinkedIn: Each person below has an event viewing area beside their name or you may watch here:

Sherianna Boyle

Sherianna Boyle is the author of 10 books including her latest, Energy in Action: The Power of Your Emotions & Intuition to Cultivate Peace & Freedom. Her book, Emotional Detox has been a bestseller since 2018. Sherianna is the founder of Emotional Detox Coaching, an adjunct Psychology Professor, adjunct Yoga Professor, and professional speaker. She leads retreats at world renowned centers such as the Omega Institute and Kripalu Yoga & Health Center. Her work has been featured in over ninety articles and her book The Four Gifts of Anxiety was endorsed by The National Association of Mental Health. Sherianna is the host of the popular Just Ask Spirit Podcast. Find her at

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Since 2008, as the Founder of Best Ever You, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino has been helping people be their best and find success. She is a Master Life Coach and author of multiple books on the topic of change, success and peace, including the bestsellers, The Change Guidebook - How To Align Your Heart, Truths, and Energy to Find Success in All Areas of Your Life and PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through.

The Best Ever You Network provides personal and professional development in multi-media format and has grown into a brand with more than one million followers on verified social media platforms and millions of radio listens and downloads on The Best Ever You Show. Her hashtags, #BestEverYou, #TipstoBeYourBest are widely circulated. Visit


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