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Sharing Your Feelings: Loving or Controlling?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

When you share your feelings with a person you are upset with, do they get defensive? Do you sometimes feel trapped when someone is blaming you for his or her feelings? Do you struggle with knowing when to communicate with your partner about a problem and when to disengage? Discover when it is helpful to share your feelings, and when it’s controlling.

Sharing Your Feelings: Loving or Controlling on the Inner Bonding podcast by Dr. Margaret Paul:

About Dr. Margaret Paul:

Dr. Margaret shares many aspects of the powerful mind/body/spirit Inner Bonding® self-healing process to help you learn to love yourself, take responsibility for your feelings and your health, and connect with your higher guidance to access love, truth, and wisdom. Through the practice of Inner Bonding, you can learn how to heal anxiety, depression, anger, shame, addictions, and relationship problems.


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