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Sophia A Nelson Kicks Off The First Annual Best Ever You Women's Day Conference

The Best Ever You Network is proud to announce our first annual online Best Ever You Women's Day Conference. Over 1000 women joined this event, which featured 11 world-class women. The conference keynote speaker was CNN's Sophia A. Nelson, who is the best-selling author of The Woman Code. The Woman Code is a powerful, no-nonsense guide for women that provides them the keys to unlock a fulfilling life. Nelson was joined by Miriam Laundry, Kimberly S. Reed, Chelsea Krost, Kris Fuller, Tina Sloan, Emily A. Francis, Deb Landry, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Sally Huss, and Brianna Brown.

This year's theme "Be Bold - Be Brave - Be You" empowered women to be their best and celebrate each other.

Kris Fuller, the Chief Operating Officer of The Best Ever You Network said, "This conference is uplifting and has created an incredible space for sharing and connecting. I am so honored to be speaking with the women we have as guest speakers. Their stories, advice, and encouragement are magical."

Magical it was, as each speaker shared what they were most proud of and what Women's Day means to them. Participants chimed in answering prompts such as "Share something you have accomplished in your life." and "How can we cheer other women on?"

"What a great day! A wide variety of topics inspired me, encouraged me, and gave me new insights. Best of all was hearing and seeing a panel of amazing and talented women with big hearts, who are changing the world daily with their voices, " said Angela Boelman.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, the Chief Executive Officer of The Best Ever You Network said, "Our first Best Ever You Women's Day Conference started as a concept that Kris Fuller and I were chatting about, we put it out into the universe and it blossomed into a major online event. We loved the response and are so grateful for everyone who participated. We can't wait for 2022!"

This event streamed live on Facebook:

FREE Replays: For your convenience, all shows are available on free replay in the Facebook Group and on YouTube.

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