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Turn Your Hobby Into a Seven-Figure Business

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

By Shanda Sumpter

It’s true: The old saying about “do what you love” can actually become your reality. If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, you can transform that passion into a functional, highly successful business. Here’s how.

1. Build an audience: Believe it or not, it’s important to start with the audience first and focus on deliverables after. Build up an audience of like-minded people who enjoy and/or benefit from the hobby you love. For example, if you like to cook healthy meals, build an audience of people who appreciate guidance on how to eat healthy. Many people think creating a successful business is about the perfect product, but really it’s about building an audience of people you influence first and foremost.

2. Give—a lot: Don't be stingy with your gifts! The more people you help for free, the more willing people are to spend money with you. We all trust generous people a lot more quickly than those who are constantly pitching us. Using the healthy recipe example from above, if you send your audience daily emails that share smoothie recipes or advice on how to put on a healthy dinner party, these freebies will create trust, connection and rapport between you and your audience. Many mommy bloggers already understand this step; what they’re missing, though, is how to confer these fans into buyers!

3. We value what we pay for: My dad taught me this truth when I was a teenager, and he was right. The Jeep my dad bought me was great, but it wasn’t as nice as the white, shiny Jeep I bought myself. We value what we pay for, so if you want your business to scale up to seven figures, you’ll need your audience to share you and buy from you. That way, they will influence their friends to buy from you. Buyers are powerful partners in helping you grow.

4. Desire your own success and be out to make a difference: You've got to have a desire to make money for yourself and make a difference in the world! Building a business has its ups and downs—mainly during growth phases. During these moments, your vision for why you are doing this in the first place is crucially important to hang onto. Focus on your success and on the impact you want to make.

5. Don’t hesitate to hire: To break that seven-figure mark, you will likely need anywhere from two to five employees at a minimum. If you let yourself get bogged down in trying to do it all, you will stall your growth. Hire someone to do the tasks that take time away from you growing your business. You will feel those growing pains as you adjust to a new dynamic within your company, but it so worth it!

Many hobbies become empires. It all starts with putting your priorities and marketing in the right order. Good luck on your venture!

About Shanda Sumpter

Entrepreneur lifestyle specialist, Queen Visionary and founder of HeartCore Business, Shanda Sumpter, found the secret to success and now she is sharing it with the world in her bestselling book, “Core Calling: How to Build a Business that Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less!” Through her business coaching, her book and her tailored series of online marketing courses, Shanda presents a step-by-step system to take participants out of the daily grind and into a life they love. For more information, visit


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