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Who Says You Can't

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

By Gary Kobat

For the many that trust now, and practice at allowing themselves at being open, aware, and available to present moment abundance - you too can see life's beauty in the life around you - maybe even in the images here, being shared on daily posts.

You see, there were times, I never knew these images, or opportunities existed. Blinded to natures bounty, numb, and in my own way on some egoic lazer beam to another "visionary" target... I am confident that my pain-body and I rushed by many moments of beauty, and blocked much of my own light. Just ask my friends, relatives, coaches, and others who watched at dismay.

But that was then, and this is now, 29 years sober, and an entire playing field - life's palette - life's energy and abundances to honor, respect, and hold, if for only a moment.

The world records, the 100's of thousands of miles, the personal bests, the aging with grace, the peace and love in this time continue for me personally.... and for that I am most grateful.

But the magic, the miracles, and the "moments" that are most powerful, most inspiring, and most appreciative for me, the ones that I'm most grateful for, are the ones where I witness you grow, you expand, where you face your fears and addictions, anxieties and illusions, where you set your goals, intentions, and manifest your visions... in balance, with peace.

If I can share a piece, a peace, an experience, a moment, a photo, a thought, an idea, a story, a comeback, a failure, a success, a way, a process, a system, a sense of love and worthiness, or a clients remarkable moment - where you can see or tap into that which you already have but may be numbing yourself as well - where you begin to learn again, grow, and once and for all believe in yourself, tap into your own self worth and self love again - it will have been an amazing day.

But just remember, It's an amazing day either way, even if all of that does not happen - life is amazing, IF you're not numb, if you give yourself a clean chance to feel it.

Peace to you all this holiday season.


ps - each year, many struggle with fear, loneliness, addictive tenancies around the holidays - if you find yourself in a dark or low moment, meds, alcohol, numb - and need someone to assist you, knowing deep down that you may be in your own way - email me with your cell number, and we'll walk you through to the other side, even for a few moments of light, so you know there is hope, and that you begin to understand that you have everything you need, right now.

Bless You.


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