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How Can We Find Peace?

Updated: Apr 26

A really great pal of mine, who has had her share of less than peaceful moments, posted this in Facebook:


It made me think about Peace today and add this to it. I agree. We aren't in a world with no troubles or turmoil.

It's important to realize that peace rests within your heart. When your heart speaks, it's very important to tune in and listen. It's your own internal guidance system. I believe our essence and highest and truest energy form comes from peace. It's still and quiet and doesn't require anything from us. Peace is where our greatest human strength and capacity for happiness comes from. It's right there when we stop, listen and remain aware and open to accessing it. Peace is the key and almost everything in life revolves around peace within.

Peace Quote Elizabeth Guarino

Everything starts with peace and everything is made up of energy. The energy you bring in and put out around you and to others, hopefully is light and high energy. When you are peaceful and happy, you connect with and to your light and you begin to percolate peace and happiness.

How are you spending your energy?

Are you aware of what makes you content?

If you have stress or any kind of negative and trying energy around you, are you able to maintain your peace and happiness?

We must remember that peace is within us. We have the capacity to teach ourselves and others how to access our quiet and peaceful selves and how to practice peaceful behaviors in each moment of our lives. If you quiet down and pay attention to your breathing, with each breath we have the ability to move from our head to our heart and allow ourselves to connect with the deepest part of who we are.

Elizabeth Guarino Quotes

When we move fast and fly through our lives and aren't practicing awareness, we are missing vital cues that tell us we are out of balance, which bring us away from this peaceful place. If we don't stop, listen, observe and experience this sense of peace, we miss the richness of life, especially when our thoughts and or actions are clogged with the past, the future and checklists that block awareness and feeling.

Love, Elizabeth

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