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Drop it!!

I learned an amazing new technique from my massage therapist Tammy recently. No, not yet another way of ironing out my body ‘kinks,’ although she is pure genius when it comes to that. On the contrary, this had nothing to do with massage, and everything to do with life.

Ready? Here goes. Observing her dog one day, Tammy realized the profound significance of a singular command: “Drop it.” Her cute pooch immediately dropped whatever forbidden thing said puppy held tightly in its jaws. No arguing, no defensiveness, no reproach, just – dropped. Tammy started using the same technique on herself. When she had an unwanted thought or feeling, she just said “drop it” to herself.

OMG! Could it really be that easy? Yes! We are perfectly capable of obeying our commands to ourselves. We do it all day long, although often at a subconscious level: “get out of bed NOW” “brush your teeth” “be nice” “quit procrastinating” “Oh, that was stupid, how could I be so stupid?!” “Bad me!” But here’s the thing. “Drop it” requires a measure of determination and willingness few of us master as well as our dogs do. . .

So, easy. Yes, conceptually. The execution, however, aargh. The good news is that anything improves with practice. I’ve found that the more I use “drop it” with myself, the less likely I am to drag around some negative thought or feeling for hours (days?) on end. If nothing else, saying “drop it” to myself increases my awareness that I need to make a change, or else I’m going to keep myself in misery-land. Not my preference.

Do I mutter “I don’t wanna” to myself like a recalcitrant three-year-old on occasion? Of course I do! And yet, more often than not, I then think of Tammy’s wonderful life lesson from her dog, and remind myself that I too can learn to “drop it” on command.

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Richard Ebner
Richard Ebner
Feb 01, 2023

As some of you already know, I have written two books where dogs are major characters, and I work with other peoples dogs. So, the command, 'Drop It' is frequently used. However, the idea of telling ourselves to "DROP" the negative thoughts we are having, is a very cool way of dealing with those thoughts right in the moment when they are occurring. Thanks for the inspiration Dr Nelson

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