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How I Get to Live My Best Life Everyday

As I sat on the front steps watching the sun rise yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly blessed. I AM grateful for this life of mine because I AM living my best life, every day! I have arrived… arrived to this place inside of me.

This place where perfection is no longer required to savor all that is, in any particular moment. This place where bliss is a choice I make over and over and over again. It has nothing to do with living with my rose glasses on, but it has everything to do with the way I choose to perceive things, situations, etc. It has everything to do with the way I control MY energy, where I choose to invest that energy. It has everything to do with MY thoughts, MY words, MY actions and most importantly MY reactions.

You’ve read this a million times over maybe, so have I...I’ve been really tuning into these teachings and putting all of this into practice and although it’s far from perfect, although I still falter and probably always will....the perfectness of my imperfections are more than enough!

MY best life will be completely different than many out there....but it’s MY best life!!! Here’s what that looks like for me;

☀️ Waking up with a grateful heart for all that I am and all that I am surrounded by. Harnessing the unconditional love that I strive to emit.

☀️ Moving my body in ways that feel good

☀️ The ability to fuel our family’s bodies with nothing but foods that energize it

☀️ Spending quality time with those I love and laughing until our bellies hurt

☀️ Traveling the world with my favorite peeps

☀️ Nurturing the connection to myself at Source day in and day out

☀️ Being open to the messages that I am meant to receive

☀️ Having all the time in the world because I decided

☀️ Feeling so incredibly abundant every day

☀️ Watching each sunrise & sunset in awe because I can

☀️ Focusing on Being more than Doing

☀️ Having boundaries and having zero guilt about it

☀️ Finding moments each day for stillness and silence

☀️ Being able to catch myself when I’m not taking aligned action and gently guide myself back on course

☀️ Loving myself unconditionally where I'm at

This may seem mundane to many, but to me, this is everything! The work that I’ve put in over the years and that I continue to put in, the struggles that I’ve overcome and worked with, all of it has brought me “here”.

There are still bumps in the road, still days where I may have a moment where I cave in...but I AM stronger than ever and I AM committed more than ever to leading my best life every day and NOTHING will take me down, NOTHING. So I will continue on this path of mine, because it is just that, MINE!

What is allowing you to live your best life?!?!?

Love & Light,



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