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Is Multi-Tasking a Super-Power or a Productivity Drain?

Multi-Tasking is one of my superpowers!

Like you, I enjoy doing multiple things and one time, and I’m good at it. It's likely a necessity for you right now if you are working and schooling at home.

There are times, though, when multitasking is not the best choice. And, chronic multitasking can lead to so disturbing side effects, including:

  • Mental exhaustion

  • Elevated cortisol

  • Increased Stress

  • Memory Loss

  • Decreased Productivity

In this week’s video, I have three simple tips for you on how to focus on the one important task that you need to finish. Don’t worry, though. I’m still ok with you listening to a podcast while you drive, talking on the phone while you cook, and carrying the dirty laundry downstairs at the same time as you take down the trash. Remember, you're not supposed to be frantically busy, chaotic, reactive, and impulsive. Those behaviors are for times of extreme stress only, but some of us have gotten into the habit of hectic over-busy schedules and have come to think of this as normal.

Friends, people are watching how you do things. When it comes to time and life management, be a positive role model, and keep being a force of excellence.

Beth Caldwell is an author, life coach, and the founder of Leadership Academy for Women. Her newest book Women, LEAD! is available in bookstores across the US and Canada.


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