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Quantum Healing

Have you noticed it seems like there are more and more blogs, articles, videos, and books coming out about healing on the quantum level using the concepts and principles of energy? I sure have! And I’ve read and listened to a fair number of them with growing excitement.

Believe it or not, far from being a new or enlightened approach to healing, quantum healing has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures. The energy healing system with which I am most familiar is the ancient Chinese modality of Qigong (chee-gohng).

What is exciting to me is how today’s scientific “discoveries” are validating the traditional practices of the Qigong masters. Here is just one example of what I mean:

Qigong emphasizes the lower dantien, the lower abdomen, as a major reservoir of energy. Called the lower elixir field, the lower dantien is where the body is said to store Qi, or energy. Although there are quite a few other places in the body Qi is said to be stored, most Qigong practices focus on the lower abdomen.

Medical science has been telling us for some time that there are more neural synapses in the lower abdomen than in the brain! And there is so much communication flowing from the lower abdomen to the brain, more than between the brain and the heart. This area of the body is referred to by Western medicine as “the gut.”

And the gut is where our bodies house trillions of life forms knows as beneficial bacteria that support our health and signal the body to release hormones, supporting digestive chemicals, and perform other critical functions. There is also estimated to be over 150 times more non-human genetic material in our guts than in our own entire body.

The good news is you can interact with the energy field contained in the lower dantien through thought and intention ― yes, visualization ― and direct healing energy into any area of the body to support the body’s innate healing mechanism. Here’s how to do that:

Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. If you like to listen to calming music, find the right track and have it playing quietly in the background. Slow your breathing down and begin taking long, deep breaths in through your nose and out of your nose. Gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Start to visualize a shining ball of light energy in your lower belly, the lower dantien. See it shining there, luminescent and bright. Breathe and watch the energy. This is your Qi, your life force.

As you breathe in, see the ball of Qi expanding and shining even more brightly as your breath comes down into your lower dantien. Each time you exhale, see the ball contracting and becoming more concentrated. Breathe this way for about five minutes, storing Qi and energizing your body.

After this time of storing, begin to take your attention to an area of your body where you may have a particular concern ― maybe you have an ache or pain, or maybe a tumor or wound. As you breathe in, keep your attention on the ball of Qi. As you exhale, see the Qi move explosively into that area of your body, bathing it with the strong energetic field from the lower dantien. Continue inhaling and exhaling in this manner for a few minutes, and then return to the initial breathing pattern, watching the Qi expanding and contracting.

At the end of your Qigong healing session, begin breathing normally, and take note of how the area of your focus is feeling. You may find that the pain has lessened, or has completely vanished.

There are many other Qigong exercises focused on healing by directing the energy of your body. I’ll be sharing more of them over the coming months.

About Beth Misner:

All of her life Elisabeth Misner has found creative ways to incorporate service to others into all her activities. From being a chiropractic assistant to managing special projects for her company – BNI, and leading the prayer ministry at her church, her one question has always been, “How can I help you?” She truly wants to know what she can do that will make things better for those whom she supports, mentors, and encourages. When her husband, BNI Founder and CVO, Ivan Misner, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, she found that her education, experiences, and professional expertise as a medical Qigong practitioner were all needed in order to help him heal naturally. Within the year, he was in complete remission. Not long after that, she received her own diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, from which she also completely healed, naturally, within the year of diagnosis (2017). Life herself has schooled Beth in the ways of Abundant Health, and her focus now is supporting with others as they find they have need of this specific skill set.


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