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What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is multifaceted. The most important thing a coach can do for you as a client is to help you get clarity while providing the framework for success and accountability for progress.

A life coach will help you gain clarity on:

• who you are at your core

• what you want to accomplish

• where and with whom you would like to do it

• and the steps you are willing to take to get there.

Life coaches have the privilege and responsibility of empowering, encouraging and motivating their clients to identify their goals and objectives, develop plans and action steps toward personal development, self-empowerment and meaningful achievement.

A successful coaching experience creates sustainable results, both during the coaching process and for years to come. The progress of clients will be measured as their goals and objectives are achieved.

A great professional coach:

· Is a good listener

· Is nurturing, compassionate and caring

· Asks contemplative questions

· Knows how to motivate and inspire

· Has high ethical standards and behavior

The Goals of a Great Coach are to:

• Clearly understand their clients’ vision, needs, and objectives.

• Help clients to develop the plans to move quickly and easily toward their goals.

• Provide support to ensure clients are nurtured and motivated to achieve their goals.

• Provide the framework for accountability and measurable results.

• Celebrate the victories with their clients.

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Barbara Wainwright, CPC Certified Master Life Coach and CEO of Wainwright Global, Barbara Wainwright is known as the most sought after teacher in the coaching and self-empowerment industry. She is famous for training and certifying over 6,200 professional coaches worldwide and for creating the "Wainwright Method of Coaching", empowering individuals to actualize their life purpose, live inspired lives and connect with their true passion so they can reach new levels of confidence and inner peace. She provides affordable hands-on coach training using state of the art coaching tools and systems.

CEO Wainwright Global, Inc.
International Speaker, Author, Trainer
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