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All Day Alba Speaks to the Unstoppable Women of the Future

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

All Day Alba co-founders
Brielle Mayberg Halbert and Rachel Katzin co-founders of All Day Alba

Rachel Katzin and Brielle Mayberg Halbert co-founders of All Day Alba a women’s activewear brand are on a mission to make women feel unstoppable in all that they do. Being women entrepreneurs came naturally to the fashion-forward duo, both raised in a positive environment surrounded by strong, successful women.

That influence is something not all women have been lucky enough to have growing up. Adolescent women are particularly vulnerable to low self-image and having a strong female figure to look up to can change the trajectory of so many young women’s lives. Rachel and Brielle have created a brand that supports women’s empowerment to remind all women just how independent, strong and beautiful they can be.

So, what would a world where women enjoy full-fledged equality at home, in society, and in the workplace look like? Aside from being more empathetic, progressive, and equitable; everyone would benefit economically as well. A McKinsey Global Institute report found that $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality. After all women make up half of the world’s working-age population.

So, don’t limit yourself ladies!

Here are Rachel and Brielle’s top five tips and insights to inspire empowered women around the world:

1. Stop saying I can’t and don’t be afraid of failure.

Brielle: I watched my mother find the go-getters amongst her peers and build her friend group/partnerships. This led her to create organizations that have made a positive impact around the world, which really inspired me.  When you have the right "sidekick" that shares the same energy, goals and values, failure doesn't enter your mind.

2. Project an image of strength and confidence, be assertive not submissive

Rachel: I started practicing martial arts at age 19, almost by chance. I never would’ve imagined how this practice would lead me towards self-fulfillment and how it ultimately empowered so many aspects of my life. People associate self-defense with the ability to fight. However, self-defense offers so much more: it teaches us to express empowerment through body language, by holding your head high with confidence, making eye-contact to show we are present, and imparting a sense of awareness and inner strength.

3. Be the example you wish you had growing up, or seek out a partner/mentor.

Brielle: My mother instilled in me that change comes through women. A true matriarch is the one who sets the tone and pace of the family; while families make households, households build communities, and communities shape the greater world, as we know it. Women carry the serious role of influencing the world around them.

4. Your body is your temple; find a sport or physical activity that makes you feel strong and confident.

Rachel: Martial arts is about constant improvement, it’s about mastering techniques and getting to know your opponent and yourself better. It’s about mastering your own body and its capabilities. This is what I love about martial arts. Today, there is truly something out there for everyone, find what resonates with you and commit yourself to it and you will be surprised at what that can do to boost your confidence.

5. Pass the torch, sometimes empowering yourself means allowing others to step into the spotlight.

Rachel: Bringing in a team member opens new horizons and illuminates different points of view, as well as opportunities that were not there before. In my opinion, it is precisely the differences between us, which make working together even more interesting and enriching. It’s about seeing the world with different eyes and allowing others to shine.

All Day Alba was founded by entrepreneurs Brielle Mayberg Halbert and Rachel Katzin in 2019. Their shared love of fashion and fitness led them to create a brand by and for empowered women. All Day Alba’s elegant range of gym-ready apparel has been designed to enable the modern woman to move through her day in outfits that enhance and support her inner strength.


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