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Butter Hub Butter Dish - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 21

We are proud to issue our Best Ever You Seal of Excellence to the Butter Hub Butter Dish.

We received the clear sample and believe this product is a gamechanger.

"The solution to the butter dish mess on the counter has arrived! Total gamechanger!" - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO of The Best Ever You Network.

The Butter Hub has for unique features:

  1. A Magnetic Lid: magnet built into the lid provides an easy place to rest the included butter knife during use. Your knife sticks with the dish so you can carry everything in one hand without a knife sliding to the floor. Other butter trays make finding, carrying, and resting your knife a hassle.

  2. Extended Feet: We designed feet that extend below the bottom of the lid so that any butter stuck on the lid is kept off the table. Most butter dishes with a cover have flat lids that leave a ring of butter on the table or you have to flip the cover over before you put it down. Using our food safe, high quality plastic butter dish solves these everyday problems.

  3. Scoop Ramps: Curved ramps at both ends of the butter dish help you easily scoop up butter. Just slide your knife up the ramp. Use it to scoop up cold butter squares or a soft mess of butter. No more chasing butter squares around the tray.

  4. Scrap Edge: The top of the Butter Hub ramps act as scrape plates to clean your knife and re-scoop butter from the back side. Rubber feet beneath the tray keeps the ButterHub quietly in place.

The butter dish with cover and stainless steel knife is food safe, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and the butter dish tray is microwaveable (not the lid with the magnet inside). The lid locks into place so it doesn’t shift around when you carry it; Soft rubber feet hold the butter dish in place during use. Unlike ceramic butter dishes, our plastic butter dish is light, quiet on hard counters, and easy to carry with one hand, knife and all.


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