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Catch the Sunlight!

This past week clouds and grey skies have greeted me every day. Yesterday I was glad to discover that the sun had decided to welcome me when I woke up. It is amazing how the light from the sun can lighten one’s mood. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. Cold mornings with sun aids in our spirit and brings smiles to our face. I know too many grey days only help in bringing me down. In the winter it is difficult find ways to keep positively moving forward. I look forward to the spring green to add more smiles to my heart. Are you like me, do you long for the hues of spring to keep you marching in a sweet line in a positive line? I plan on celebrating the glory of sunny days. They add much to my life.

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Best Ever You
Best Ever You

Can't wait for spring to arrive!! Love all of your garden pictures, posts and thoughts!

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