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Empowering Independence: A Story of Resilience

My heart has been filled with gratitude and humility this week as my newest book Independence, A Memoir of Secrets, Discovery and Forgiveness was released. Placing as a bestseller list on Amazon is an honor but it is not where the book placed on a chart that inspires me. It is the reactions I am receiving for people that is warming my heart!

Readers are saying they can't put my book down and responding with their personal stories that are heartfelt, touching and filled with raw emotion. My readers think I am touching their lives, but it the reader that are touching my life, giving we insight and confirmation that I am on the right path.

As a coach, I work with many women striving to be the best they can be, by coaching them reach their dreams and personal goals.

Some have struggled with PTSD and many personal abuse and the more I hear of abuse, the more I realized that fighting for women's and children's rights has too often been overlooked and hidden from society, we just don't talk about these taboo issues.


This is the first step to overcome and gain back your self esteem and confidence. Learn how to standup for your rights. Hidden and silent abuse is unfortunately common, it is also bullying. Not only in the school yard but in your own home, where your safe place needs to be.

Don't be silent, talk to someone, even if it is in a private group on Facebook. Speaking of that, I just started a Facebook private group for that purpose. Empowering Independence. This group will give free coaching advice and allow you to post and ask questions of others have or are going through similar problems or situations. If you are currently in an abusive relationship, experienced past trauma or know someone close to you that has, this is the group for you. Just click here to join.

Words have power, they can cause life changing hurt but empowering words can change the world and uplift you to make all your dreams come true and give you independence. Independence from your past, abusive relationships, and give you the confidence you need to move on.

I have received an outpour of messages from many people, especially women, who have suffered, experienced or relate in someway to the the same experiences.

Independence (official synopsis below) is a story that took me 60 years to create, 5 years to research and a year to write. It covers topics of childhood trauma, psychological, sexual, physical and verbal abuse resulting in PTSD, finding out through a recreational DNA test that I was not who I thought I was, mental illness, and a life time of choices made to escape these childhood experiences.

Please join me on Facebook or on our podcast Raising Cain!!

What empowers you? Is it freedom? Independence? Join me in the discovery! Stay safe,


Deb Landry offers a deeply personal and inspiring memoir for anyone who has experienced a life-changing personal obstacle—and for readers who are interested in subjects such as parenting, DNA testing, PTSD and mental illness, leading to a reminder that the greatest gift a parent can give a child is unconditional love.

Independence: A Memoir of Secrets, Discovery & Forgiveness written by Deb Landry and published by Bryson Taylor Publishing (ISBN 978-0-9983867-8-2; August 20, 2020; Paperback $17.99; Kindle $2.99) is available wherever books are sold, on, Amazon, in paperback or Kindle and available on in September. For more information or a press kit, please contact us at 207-838-2146; or on our website at About the Author

Deb Landry author of Independence, A Memoir Secrets, Discovery and Forgiveness, certified parenting coach, life coach, professional operational consultant, podcast host, and activist for children’s rights. She has authored three children’s books, Yankee Go Home, The Snapdragon Princess co-authored with Kim Parrish and the bestselling award-winning Sticks Stones and Stumped. Her new children’s book, Summer’s Shadow, will be released in late 2020. Deb other works include several interactive children’s awareness plays on character education and bullying prevention.

A humanitarian and philanthropist, Landry specializes in bullying and harassment prevention and safe school climate planning. She has lobbied for legislation in  the state of Maine and throughout the U.S., serving on ad hoc committees and works as an advocate for children, youth and teens who are affected by bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Deb knows first-hand how childhood trauma can psychologically affect the growth of youth and has spent over twenty years as the co-founder and Executive Director of Crossroads, a youth character education nonprofit with a focus on developmental education to raise resilient and respectful youth. ​

About Independence

In November of 2014, nearing the thirty-fifth anniversary of the untimely death of her father, Deb learns the devastating news that the man she knew and loved as her biological father was not her DNA match. This unforeseen key unlocked a life-long secret to her inexplicable childhood experiences with a narcissist mother and intensified her four-decade search for understanding of a mother-daughter relationship.

Independence is a memoir of secrets kept by a mother, discovered by the daughter and a quest to find forgiveness and acceptance for the unknown.

This heartfelt story of one woman’s journey unfolds as she uncovers the motive of her mother’s bizarre and unpredictable behavior and secrets.

Independence delves into the impact maternal emotional and psychological abuse has on a child’s life and how interrupted adolescent development sends a child to escape inward, resulting in developing negative internal messages of shame, fear, and never feeling good enough.

This poignant narration reveals a child’s resilience and an adult’s quest to find solace, and the true meaning of family.

Book is available in paperback, Kindle and on


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