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How To Have A High Vibe Yoga Mat

There are expensive mats and cheap mats and both can be great. It’s not about price, it’s actually about care. So many mats have come in and out of my life over the years - and I've used every brand. I’m self-proclaimed mat expert! Here's what you need to do to get a high vibe yoga mat:   First, unwrap your new mat and drape it over a fence, stonewall or patio chair, outside. Let it flap in the wind, airing out for weeks or months if you have the time. Yes to rain, snow, sunlight and star energy. All yoga mats need to be aired out before usage. They smell awful, no matter what material they are made out of. Natural fibers often have an unpleasant smell too. Second, clean your mat regularly with this homemade mat cleaner. It’s easy and cheap and honestly, better than anything you can buy. I use it on my mat about 1x/week. Just combine the following in a spray bottle:  1 cup water  1/4 cup white vinegar  15 drops of tea tree oil 10 drops of grapefruit or orange essential oil Last but not least, lovingly break in your mat by using it for years. The older the better. When all of the off-gassing is done, and all of your personal energy has been imbued into every inch of that mat, from all those hours of downward dogging and half moon poses, that mat is finally perfect. Even if it has started to fray and the color has faded, it’s perfect. It’s become a sacred spot, custom to you, and that’s where you’ll want to workout.

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About Ellen Barrett

Ellen Barrett is a well-known exercise video creator, with best-selling titles like Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates, Prevention Magazine’sFlat Belly Diet Workout & The Yogini Workout. From 2006 – 20011, she starred in Fit TV’s All-Star Workouts. She’s the author of four wellness books, including her latest, The 28Days Lighter Diet (Skirt!, 2014). Ellen holds certifications in yoga, Pilates, nutrition & group exercise as well as a master's degree in Education. Combining mind/body methods with empowering self-help concepts is her forte. She lives in Connecticut with her family.  Visit


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