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John McKee on The Best Ever You Show

John McKee joined host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino on The Best Ever You Show for just over an hour to chat about his success as an entrepreneur.

From his Cosmo Glove creation to The BAM Network, John gave us all insight into how he goes from idea mode to actually producing a product, running a business and how he achieved his success.

John McKee is the Founder of The BAM Network and is a Business Development Professional and Business Owner. John has over 26 years of Connecting People, Business and Products -1 Meeting at a time - with over 25,000 Meetings. He's also an award winning Author by Ritcheter Publishing, LLC Tampa, Fla for the 2016 Best New Business Book. Called "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set" available on Amazon. John is an Inventor and U.S. Patent Holder For Cosmo Glove an AsSeenonTV Product. This was featured on National TV Infomercials by the Original Shark on Shark Tank Kevin Harrington.

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