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OMG™ and Writing My Book

It’s one thing to talk about the OMG™ (Outside-in Thinking, Mindfulness, and Gratitude), but it’s another thing to put it into practice when you’re attempting something outside your comfort zone. ⠀

I learned how challenging praxis can be when I began work on my book Butter Side Up! Because I had never written a book, I wasn’t sure where to start. I’d never attempted something this vast before, and I found myself getting caught up in “the how” of it, rather than the big picture, which really mattered.⠀

What was the solution? I took a deep breath and remembered how to approach situations of uncertainty.

I looked at goals from the outside in, nonjudgmental and compassionate. I was honest with where I was and how I felt, and this acceptance gave me the mental clarity to take the first step. I let myself focus on what I loved: “I get to write a book about what’s important to me!” ⠀

These small OMG™ strategies made a BIG difference, and despite tremendous challenges, I wrote and published my first book! A healthy mindset doesn’t just help you overcome challenges. It helps you realize that there is no challenge at all.⠀


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