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The Gia Allemand Foundation Fighting PMDD & Female Suicide

The Gia Allemand Foundation has joined the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, a fundraising competition that lives on — the largest crowdfunding platform for good. Launched by Revlon, the Challenge was created to help charities supporting women’s health raise as much money as possible for their cause. During the course of the six-week Challenge, leading women’s health organizations will compete to raise as much money as possible with $1,425,000 in prize money at stake. The Gia Allemand Foundation, a volunteer run non-profit providing advocacy for those affected by Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (or PMDD), has joined the challenge on CrowdRise to raise money to support women with education, encouragement, resources, and tools necessary to live healthy lives, reduce interpersonal conflict, and eliminate self-harm.

As the only non-profit in North American providing advocacy, support, and education to women with PMDD, the Gia Allemand Foundation has a huge responsibility to women all over America; and intends to use the funds raised to enhance awareness about PMDD, an early intervention program, and the prize money for PMDD research exclusively.

“There are nearly six million women suffering from PMDD in the United States alone and yet funding for research is minimal,” says Gia Allemand Foundation co-founder and Executive Director, Amanda LaFleur. “Women with cyclical depression are often minimized or prescribed ineffective antidepressants. When those fail, these women are left without effective treatment options. This Revlon Challenge is an excellent opportunity for us to make a real impact in women’s health, raise awareness about hormones and suicide, and fund PMDD research.”

The Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge on CrowdRise will run from September 14th at 12pm ET through October 26th at 1:59:59pm ET. The team that raises the most during the Challenge wins $1M, second place wins $100,000, third place wins $75,000, fourth place wins $50,000 and fifth place wins $25,000. Weekly Bonus Challenges enable charities to win up to another $175,000.CrowdRise Challenges are innovative fundraising competitions for charitable organizations. Designed to build capacity, create massive engagement, leverage the power of the crowd, these Challenges provide new, meaningful funding streams for organizations in every sector.

To help the Gia Allemand Foundation win the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, please visit or

For more information about the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, or, and follow Revlon’s social channels (@Revlon).

About The Gia Allemand Foundation

The Gia Allemand Foundation was established after model, TV/media personality (recognized for her appearance on ABC’s hit shows The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad), and aspiring actress Gia Allemand lost her fight and ended her life in 2013. Gia battled for years with PMDD – that when left untreated can result in suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Gia’s mother, step-father, boyfriend, and boyfriend’s father, founded the nonprofit in hopes of helping other young women battling PMDD, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

The Gia Allemand Foundation is the only non-profit in North American providing advocacy, support, and education to women with PMDD. For more information, visit, and follow us at Twitter (GiaAllemandFDN), Facebook (NAPMDD), Instagram (GiaAllemandFDN).


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