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The Importance of Living Happy

The Best Ever You Network is proud to issue our Seal of Excellence to Sally Huss for her new book, The Importance of Living Happy.

What’s the most important thing to do during these difficult times? “Stay happy!” says Sally Huss, the “happy artist” and author of a new book, The Importance of Living Happy: 30 Ways to Do It.

“For anyone who has a gray day from time to time – and don’t we all – Ms. Huss’s book is a month’s worth of simple exercises to bring almost immediate happiness.” – Healthy Living

Endorsed by The Best Ever You Network, Founder Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino said, " I love all of Sally's book and this is one of the best book out there to uplift anyone! I couldn’t resist jumping ahead and reading beyond the suggested one a day. It is full of wisdom and makes a great case for locking in an attitude of happiness. I’m certainly happier for having read it!”

Huss, a long-time Californian, moved to Colorado Springs two years ago, where she indulges in her two passions – tennis and writing. As a former Wimbledon semi-finalist and National Junior Champion, Sally has had to put her rackets away for a brief time in order to obey the social distancing mandate. No problem for her, she has a stack of children’s books written and ready for her to illustrate with plenty of happiness and wisdom to share.

Her book, The Importance of Living Happy: 30 Ways to Do It, originated when she had 26 of her own Sally Huss Galleries across the country, displaying her happy art and writings. Her inspirational pieces of art became the basis of her King Features syndicated newspaper panel Happy Musings, a daily that ran for 12 years. It was during this time that Sally observed the difficulty many people had in finding happiness, so designed these exercises to give readers a template for joyful living.

Inspired by current events, Sally shares her happy living thoughts and inspirations in this book. As she says, “Happy days are made by happy people, and happy people are made by choice. Happiness is a discipline which needs to be cultivated… especially now!” This book accompanies her large collection of children’s books (over 100), which all focus on attitude, kindness, making good choices, and having fun.

She has also created a children’s version of the living happy book called A Boat Full of Animals: 30 Character-Building Games. It too can be found on Amazon.

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