• Jen

Why we choose experiences over things

In a society that promotes bigger, better and more, I’m learning to break down the lies that I was led to believe most of my life. I’m learning that most things I thought

to be true, in fact, weren’t!

I remember as a child getting so excited for Christmas because I knew the tree would be circled by all the gifts we had asked for. My parents always got us pretty much what we wanted and then some. We were certainly spoiled, but we really didn’t appreciate it, or at least not as we should have.

I’ve always enjoyed giving too…as a teen, I would work at my aunt’s store and use my money to buy everyone gifts because it always made me feel good. When I first became a mom, I was still in the mindset of getting everything for everyone. I’ve grown a lot in the past few years and a lot has changed for me!

I once read how unfair it was for children that weren’t as fortunate as some when it comes to gifts. The article said that when children return to school after the Holidays to see that their classmates had received the newest game console, or the expensive sneakers or whatever it was that they’d asked for, it made those children wonder what they did wrong for Santa to not give them what they wanted too. It really strung a cord with me and ever since that day my kiddos don’t get what they want or the most valuable gift from Santa. Actually, to be quite honest my kiddos typically say that he can bring them whatever he wants, which makes my heart sing every year. I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t have regular TV with commercials or because we homeschool, or because they’ve seen how little others have around the world and are reminded of that quite often or a mix of all of the above, but I am grateful nonetheless.

As I’ve grown, I’ve also come to know that more is not better. My kiddos get one gift from Santa and one from us. I feel as though our children are blessed with more than they need all year long and that our presence is more important than presents.

We’ve also decided to switch things up and no longer give things to our kiddos! From this year moving forward it’s about the experiences and so we’re offering them an experience that they will enjoy, one where they will make memories and learn…where they can do things that fuel them.

This may not be a popular belief or way of doing things, but that’s okay, because it’s our way! What I want my kiddos to remember is the fun we had, the laugher we shared and the experiences that will have marked their memories forever!

We also want to start the tradition of serving in the soup kitchen as a family and bring food as a way to contribute back, because we are incredibly abundant in our lives and grateful to be able to serve.

I’d love to hear about your unorthodox traditions, message me at jen@jengagnon.rocks to share!

Wishing you all a fabulous holiday season!!!