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You Are Royalty

Your Eternal Father and Mother created You in Their Image so You are an amazing, grand, Cosmic Being, created in Their Image. Your body is the tiniest part of who you are. The 3rd dimension is so enticing and distracting, most of humanity has forgotten their identity for eons. It's wake-up time! Nothing beats knowing who you are as the experience of who you are. I studied medtitations for over 50 years, but never found the one for me, so I took bits and pieces from various meditations and used my creativity to create a 9 Step Meditation. You can experience the first step on the first page of and I will be sharing the final step on January 21st at 8 PM EST on along with commentaries on the other steps. There are many free gifts and much support on your journey into the 5th Dimension and beyond. I hope you will join us in our sacred service.

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