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Featuring You - Meet Bernadette Bruckner

Best Ever You Featuring Bernadette Bruckner
Featuring You - Meet Bernadette Bruckner

Please meet Bernadette Bruckner, an extraordinary women from Austria who changed her life and helps herself and others be their best.

Tell us about yourself.

How did you get to be where you are today?

It took 3 burnouts, was highly suicidal, went from overweight to anorexia nervosa. One car accident, and then another very weird accident where I nearly died.

I changed and finally went on my way in my way, which feels right. Not what others wanted me to be.


I am alive! Time to truly be simply me. No matter what. Nothing else matters.

My whole story can be found in the international Amazon bestseller book: “Extraordinary Women” where I contribute to inspiring others.

Have you ever been fired?

No - the opposite! I got hired directly from our bakery while selling buns to customers. That happened twice. Since childhood, I had helped my parents in our family bakery. One day, a CEO of an international company, as well as the international Sales manager of another big company asked me to join their companies while paying for their buns.

Either our bread was so good (and yes that’s true!) or my smile and charm while selling worked well.

What are your real passions?

My real passions are nurturing kids, moms, animals and mother earth; and living a very moderate life. One credo of mine is “when you nurture a mother, you nurture a whole family and mother earth!” I always wanted to become an animal keeper and my childhood dream did became real, so today I nurture human beings - and I love it!

My other passion is creating resilience tools and doing research; bringing science (classical and new science) and practical living/methods together to create new, out-of-the-box-thinking tools.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Exactly the same as I have done for years for free, but faster - including buying an around-the-world-ticket to visit places, do my coaching; my original plays by Fred Donaldson ( and teachings; and nurturing those who do not have the money. As I live on very low costs, I could finance myself doing what I love the most: Nurturing others and animals.

What do you do to help others be their best?

By re-membering the birthright we had as babies and children, where we knew everything already – until others told us it is not so. I teach them to listen to their own intuition, as well as giving them tools for self-empowerment to re-member their knowing. Every one of us knows ourselves the best. So why listen to others rather than to ourselves? Time to re-member our birthright and full knowing.

How do you help yourself be the best you can be?

I love this question, as we got that when we attended classes with Dr. Roy Martina! That was his credo: be the best you can be! This inspired me in 2011, as well as the question raised in movie “Lucy” (what if we can use 100% of our brain capacity?). I say what if…we can use 100% of consciously knowing ourselves 24/7? This was the beginning to “re-member” or discover myself completely with all my flaws, potentials, old knowing, what I love and what I don’t love. According to Sigmund Freud with his iceberg-theory, 5-10% is consciousness and the rest subconsciousness. I created tools to easily access the subconscious (90-95%) to “re-member” myself and what I am capable of…

Today, I call myself senior tool/method designer 8.0 as I create resilience tools for myself and others to “re-member” the 90-95% of our knowing. As children, we listen to ourselves completely, which is our intuition. But when we grow up, we forget, or let others tell you their world.

Due to re-membering, I changed my living completely and love it…still discovering myself daily.

What do you like to do in your personal life?

For more than 20 years I have shared with others my business knowledge so they can also live their dreams. I also love to create NGO projects (national as international non-governmental projects). One of my favorite things to do is travelling the world (I discovered bus travelling in Europe and love it) and since turning forty, I returned to my backpacker lifestyle (low budget, hostels, cheap living); I love cooking and create my own recipes for lean living. Currently, I check survival methods, food, and for sports, I prepare and train myself for half triathlons, and take long travel trips

We all know and can do more than we believe we are able to, and more than others have told us. My body is fitter, healthier and looking younger than back in my 30’s. One goal is to look 40 in my 80’s in a natural, healthy way - and it’s possible.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

As I am a very focused and goal-oriented person, I KNOW that I will finish my master's and PhD studies and researches in good time. As I am very passionate to teach, I will become a University lecturer soon, and will also be teaching children in Kindergarten and schools.

My biggest goal is finding “my place to live” as I moved more than 15 times already. Every day I am nearer to my goal as I love my country Austria dearly.

What is a book or two that you recommend?

One of my favorite books is from Elisabeth Haich “Initiation”:

The other one is my first book I published and authored “First Aid for Your Soul” as this is a heart project, I desired for years to publish with other great experts in their field.

Please give us one or two shameless plugs.

It might be embarrassing, but I love doing fare dodging (not paying for a ticket while using the public transportation) I did that many, many times but in my opinion as student I needed to save money for food.

Another flaw I have is needing to being in a room first to get the best place; where I feel comfy while being with many other people :/ I get very nervous when I am the last person entering the room and only one place is left.

What are some of your favorites? (books, websites, etc.)

As child I loved the Italian comic “Mr. Rossi Searching for the Bliss” and it has stayed with me since then. Another favorite book I adore deeply is from Dr. Jorge Bucay “Let Me Tell You a Story” – very inspiring! AND I love every single book that I am in.

Why do you do what you do?

I have survived 3-4 times. In my world that’s the greatest divine answer that I should go on with what I do for many, many more years.

What are a few of your goals?

My own scientific research center and my own holistic health care center in Austria; worldwide inspiration of others; creating my sound-healing-room; and inspiring others to expand their knowledge that out there, there is more than what others told us to believe.

My PhD, my own university place to teach.

What do the words "Best Ever You" mean to you?

I create – actually discover – myself every single day anew! New thinking, new acting, new awareness, new learnings, new inside! New enjoyable food habits, new enjoyable sport habits, new enjoyable other habits (e.g. I began designing clothes, architecture, approx. 4 years ago, and I have already more than 40 designs which I love – as child I was not “allowed” to go for my passions as I worked a lot)

As we gain many, many prejudices, thinking, points of view; flaws from others since we were born, none of us know ourselves. No one. According to Sigmund Freud we are aware of our consciousness 5-10% - the rest is subconscious and this one guides us every moment. What if we discover those 90-95% of us that is subconscious? Which hidden possibilities, gifts, capabilities and knowing is hidden? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that we know all that?

For many years, I created resilience tools to bring this subconscious/hidden information visible; to see if we can use this information, or we choose to create something different, which fits more to us better than what we currently have!

My “Best Ever You” is “Be Simply Me”. Discovering finally “Me” as I “Be and want to Be”. No matter what. Nothing else matters. Nothing for me anymore but this!

Here is a mantra I wrote many years ago and fits to your question:

  • I become the best me in every moment

  • I am in no competition with anyone, not even with me.

  • I am the only one responsible for my thinking, acting and creating.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • I cannot blame anyone for what I am or what I do.

  • It’s my full responsibility to become the best me in every moment.

  • I am in full abundance and re-member in my soul’s time who I truly are: Pure Light.Love.Wisdom.

  • I am here to learn what I decided to learn before time and space.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • Everything what’s happening my soul created for learning. When I learn my lessons I liberate myself of old memories I have in my energetical system.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • I decide now and for good to learn everything I need to learn to re-member my full abundance and dance life fully in pure pleasure, health and inspire others with my best me.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • If something/someone triggers me, I know that it is a learning lesson, not more. I learn. I forgive. I smile. I heal and go on. No drama. No fight. No negativity. Only learning lessons. Not more. Not less.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • I am aware of my unconscious “black spots“ and love to re-discover them to learn my lessons fully and go on.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • Knowing that I am full abundance, I dance life and create out of full wealth on all levels. Now and for good.

  • I become the best me in every moment.

  • I am whole. I am abundance. I am me. I n(fl)ourish my Soul. Mind. Body.

Here some of my blogs and interviews in English:

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