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Featuring You - Meet Twister Sister's Eddie Ojeda

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister
Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister

Eddie Ojeda of the world famous rock band “Twisted Sister” is one of my pals. He is super funny and just a very nice person. So what do friends do? They offer up interviews to help their friend's magazine take off.... You'll see this interview in our magazine. Eddie has been a friend of BEY's for a while now and was one of the original experts on the site. Thank you Eddie for your support!

Elizabeth: How do you get to be the lead guitarist for one of the most famous rock bands ever?

Eddie: When I was a kid I used to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and you’d see them play and that basically was my influence. My dad bought me a toy guitar. He used to play on it and sing with all of us around. He had a decent voice so he’d play and we’d all sing songs. I later learned that my dad couldn’t really play a chord on the guitar (he laughs), but those experiences and that guitar really started my love of playing the guitar.

Elizabeth: Have you ever had a real job? Have you ever been fired?

Eddie: I used to work in a hospital as an orderly and take people to and from their rooms to the X-Ray department. I’ve broken a few IV bottles in my time as back then the IV wasn’t directly on the bed, it was wheeled separately. You’d have to maneuver the bed, the person and the IV and the IV’s would often break. But really it was when the reports that were supposed to be filled out started to pile up and I couldn’t stay late at work to complete them that things turned a bad corner. I was fired when they found all the reports in my locker. Most entertainers are entertainers because they suck at everything else, he jokes. But the money from this job that I was fired from is how I saved up enough money for my first real professional Gibson Guitar.

Elizabeth: What are your real passions?

Eddie: Entertainment. I’m a total movie buff. I love music, art and film. I don’t like the limelight. I just love what I do.

Elizabeth: Do you ever think, “If I have to sing that song one more time, I am going to freak out?”

Eddie: He pauses, laughs and says, "Definitely, but I am appreciative of all I have done."

Elizabeth: If you won the lotto what would you do?

Eddie: I’d permanently hang up the “Gone Fishin” sign. I don’t even like to fish, but I’d hang up this sign.

Elizabeth: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Eddie: I’d like to move into writing movie scores and acting.

Elizabeth: Aside from playing guitar, what do you like to do in your real personal life?

Eddie: I like mountain bike riding, swimming and anything technical. I love to read technical information about computers and guitars. I’m also a movie buff.

Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister
Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister

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