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Elizabeth's Best - read.repeat.

Sometimes a picture says it all. This one says books and 2 boys who are doing something incredible.

The boys, Chase Hartman and Vance Tomasi started read.repeat. and have now collected over 20,000 books and have donated over 16,000. The highlights of their work have been 3 Title 1 schools where they've placed over 4000 books directly in the hands of kids and the VA Hospital where they have donated over 1000 books to veterans who are staying at the hospital.

Says, Mom Kim Parrish, " My son is an entrepreneur at 10 who is constantly starting "companies" on the playground. So when the opportunity to actually begin a large project, which would teach him business skills and life skills surfaced, I knew he would love every minute of it. Chase and his best friend Vance started read.repeat. in August and they've already collected and donated over 20,000 books. They are learning valuable and deep life lessons."

The boys say each month read.repeat. collects 4,000 books! That's A LOT of books! They sort them into four categories: Children's Books, Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction and Cookbooks!

Chase and Vance said, "We collect books from Cub Scout pack, book drives with school clubs, a collection bin at Chase's martial arts studio and a local business called 2 Swell Guys has donated the majority of them." Once they know their stock, they begin coordinating distributions. The boys added, "read. repeat teams up with elementary and middle schools in hopes of sharing their love of books with other kids. So many kids don't even own one book!"

At Best EverYou, we believe read. repeat can make a huge difference! read.repeat. is also connecting with rest homes, senior centers, ministries, churches and children's homes in hopes of supplying adults and children with great books!

We hope you'll check this out and donate or help out the boys in any way you can!!

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